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Potential Dental Implant Issues

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Potential Dental Implant IssuesThe American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimates that about 3 million people in America replaced their missing teeth with implants in 2020. Dental implants are becoming pretty popular in recent times. However, the quality of implants may vary greatly depending on the kind of technique that the implant specialist utilizes as well as their experience. If you are considering receiving dental implants, you need to know the potential issues that may arise.

Issues that may arise with Dental Implants

A majority of dental implant treatments are successful, however, sometimes, patients may experience serious issues with the restorations. Dental implant complications may require extensive, complicated, and costly replacement and removal procedures. It is important to know that not all dental implant providers are the same.

You also need to investigate the kind of implants you are receiving, how the procedures are done, the qualifications required, and the experience of the specialist who places your implants. Some of the complications that may arise include peri-implant disease where the gum tissue becomes irritated, particularly in the areas below the gum line.

A patient may also experience a delay in the healing process, due to the way you take care of the implants after placement or the existence of another underlying condition like diabetes. Besides, your lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol may impact how the implant treatment process occurs. It may take longer to heal if you continue drinking alcohol or smoking. It is therefore crucial that you avoid these habits.

Find out more about dental implants placement and how you can avoid complications from occurring. Visit our dental office today for treatment or tips on how to take care of your implants. If you are experiencing any abnormalities such as swollen gum tissue after treatment, visit us for checkups. Book your appointment today.

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