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What are the Benefits of Gum Graft Surgery?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
What are the Benefits of Gum Graft Surgery?Gum graft surgery helps fix various gum problems. With it, you will have a better smile and the ability to use your teeth effectively. There are multiple benefits associated with gum graft surgery; some of them include:

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

When you have exposed tooth roots, you will experience tooth sensitivity. You will feel a sharp pain when you expose your mouth to hot or cold temperatures. However, you will have a layer of protection that covers the exposed tooth root, thanks to gum grafting. This helps prevent the discomfort caused by gum recession.

Prevents Tooth Decay

By covering the exposed tooth roots, gum graft surgery helps prevent tooth decay. Generally, a receding gum line reveals the origins and significantly increases the risk of gum disease. However, it could also result in other oral conditions like tooth decay. With time, the decay advances and loosens your teeth. In severe cases, it results in tooth loss. A gum graft surgery performed by our experienced periodontists protects your teeth and gums against further inflammation and deterioration. This ultimately stops receding tissues.

Improves Your Smile

With a gum graft procedure, you will have a better smile. Receding gums tend to make your teeth appear longer than usual, affecting your smile significantly. Adding new gum tissue through grafting will transform your smile and improve your aesthetics. Through it, your gums will look more natural, even, and generally pleasing to look at. With a better smile, you will interact with others freely and regain your confidence. A better smile will also motivate you to take good care of your teeth. You will start brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing regularly. You will also avoid eating harmful foods that could damage your newly acquired smile. Contact our offices for more information on the benefits of gum graft surgery.

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