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Taking care of All on 4 Hattiesburg MS

Older man smiling and learning how to take care of the all on 4 treatment concept by Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC in Hattiesburg, MSThe All-on-4® Treatment Concept is a full arch bridge that is permanently held in place with dental implants for patients who are missing all of their teeth on one or both arches. This is a great option for endentulous patients who want a long term solution that feels much more like their own natural teeth. Our team at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC is happy to walk you through the steps of wearing and caring for your prosthetic during your appointments along with some general ideas below.

When discussing the care of your All on 4 prosthetic, it includes two ideas: immediate care before the bone has healed, and long term care after osseointegration has occurred.

Immediate Care of Your All on 4

It is always best to follow the directions provided at our office that were given specific to you for your individual needs. Additionally, there is some general guidance information on caring for your All on 4 device immediately following placement and for the next several months while the bone is healing. This information includes:

•  Brush with Care: Your All on 4 denture can and should be brushed, even within days of placement, carefully. Using a soft brush gently brush the denture with caution to not jar or disrupt the surgical sites.

•  Recovery: The placement of your All on 4 device is a surgical treatment which means that your body requires healing time after placement. Patients are asked to include rest time in their recovery.

•  Take Your Prescriptions:If we prescribed you any sort of antibiotic, pain relief or other, please take your prescribed medication as indicated for the full length of time prescribed. Stopping a prescription early can have negative effects.

•  Eat Soft Foods: You will be required to eat a soft diet for a period of time following the placement of your All on 4 - it may be months. Your bone requires this to stop jarring movements of the device in your jaw while it heals. We will discuss this in more detail depending on your needs.

Long Term Care of Your All on 4

Caring for your All on 4 denture is something that you can do, without fears of multiple added steps. One of the benefits of all on 4 is that once your All on 4 bridge is firmly integrated, you can use it in much the same way you used your natural teeth. This includes eating your regular diet without concern of your denture rocking or coming loose. Caring for your denture will also be very similar to caring for your natural teeth, including:

•  Brush Regularly: A common misunderstanding with patients is the frequency in which they need to brush their All on 4 denture. Brushing should still occur twice a day, just as instructed with your natural teeth. This is done to keep disease causing bacteria free from your soft gum tissue and the hard bone tissue beneath.

•  Floss or Waterpik: Food can still get lodged in unusual ways, so it is best to floss or use a waterpik to keep small areas clean and free of debris.

•  Drink Water: Drinking water is a good way to keep your mouth clear of bacteria and debris.

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