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Dentures vs. Dental Implants in Hattiesburg, MS

women smiling after discussing dentures and dental implants from Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC in Hattiesburg, MSThe idea of dentures can be stressful to most. Many of our patients picture dentures to be the traditional loose dentures that seem to come out with the worst possible timing. There have been decades of humorous situations shown on tv of older people and their dentures. Thankfully, today, our patients have choices. We can help you have dentures that are functional, look natural, feel natural and best of all, stay put. Implant retained dentures provide a treatment for firm, useful teeth. Our staff at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, can eliminate the worst case scenarios of dentures and provide you with restored teeth.

Traditional loose dentures provide patients with a new set of teeth when their own teeth have been lost. They provide a great service with one big downside, they’re loose. Traditional dentures are retained through simply suction or over the counter adhesive, neither of which are great. The denture wearer may find limited relief but it will never feel secure or natural.

Implant retained dentures provide that missing piece of a firm fitting that loose dentures are missing. A dental implant is a device that we can surgically embed into the jawbone to establish a firm post. These posts will hold your denture firmly on the gum ridge and should stop the denture from rocking, shifting or coming loose. The number of implants, or posts, required will depend on the system you choose. Implant retained dentures include:

•  Ball Attachment Overdenture System Implant Retained Denture: The ball implant retained denture holds the denture with a snap on and off system. We surgically embed between 4-6 implants on a single arch depending on the patient’s need. Once healed, the patient is then able to snap their denture down onto the implants or unsnap them off. This is a system that more medically delicate patients prefer for better cleaning.

•  Bar Attachment Overdenture System Implant Retained Denture: The bar implant retained denture uses a bar system that is attached to the implant. The denture is able to be clipped on and off the bar system. This overdenture system provides a firm attachment system for your denture to stay in place while also allowing the patient to remove the denture when needed for cleaning. This is often preferred by medically delicate patients for easier cleaning.

•  All-on-4® Treatment Concept: The All on 4 system is not an overdenture, rather a full arch bridge. This system is not removable, but rather uses four dental implants to permanently set your denture in place. The implants used in this treatment are longer and set at an angle to capture thicker bone with better hold. This system provides patients with the most natural like denture system - your denture will quickly feel more like your natural teeth than with any other treatment.

We can help you have dentures that function and feel much more like your natural teeth, and best of all, stay where they belong. During your consultation we can discuss the various treatments we offer and which options may be best for you.

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We can help you have dentures that function and feel much more like your natural teeth, and best of all, stay where they belong. Call our professionals today!
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