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Bone Regeneration
Hattiesburg, MS

smiling middle aged woman in forest in Hattiesburg, MS Years ago, bone loss around teeth was the beginning of the end that resulted in tooth loss. Today, periodontal treatment can stop the bone loss around teeth, and in many cases, build up some of the bone that was lost.

Regeneration of lost periodontal tissue is no longer something we hope for; it is what we expect. Bone regeneration procedures allow us to treat bone loss, regenerate bone around teeth, and prepare the jawbone for a dental implant.

We recommend this procedure to protect your existing teeth as well as the soft tissues that hold the teeth in place. As a result, a patient is now able to have a better life because of the improved dental appearance, function, and health.

Additionally, bone regeneration is very beneficial for anyone with missing teeth, as well as patients who do not have enough bone for dental implants. It is essential to have a significant amount of jawbone in order for implants to be successful. However, if a patient doesn’t have sufficient jawbone, we can recommend bone regeneration.

What to Expect During Bone Regeneration

During the bone regeneration procedure, a small incision in the gums is performed to gain access to the underlying bone. Specialized material (dissolving membranes, bone grafts, tissue proteins) are placed around the teeth and bone, which promote bone growth. This is very beneficial since it helps the natural ability of your body to regenerate tissue and bone. So, when do we recommend this procedure?

When We Want To Save a Tooth

Periodontal disease can cause damage to the gums and bone around the teeth. Under certain circumstances, the bone loss can be treated with a procedure called Guided Tissue Regeneration. The objective of this procedure is to "build up" bone around the teeth.

Preparing a Patient for Dental Implants

We can recommend bone regeneration for a patient without sufficient jawbone to support dental implants. The procedure, Guided Bone Regeneration, allows us to build up the jawbone so an implant can be placed.

Preserving the Ridge After Your Tooth Is Extracted

We will try to save your teeth whenever possible. However, when a tooth is extracted, we can perform a procedure to maintain your bone density as well as preserve the position of your gums. A bone graft can be placed in the extraction site, so the gums and bone do not shrink.

For more information about bone regeneration, contact us at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, at (601) 255-9929 today.

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Bone Regeneration • Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC
Here at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, we recommend bone regeneration for those who are missing teeth and do not have enough bone for dental implants.
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