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Aesthetic Gum Lift

Hattiesburg, MS Black woman smiling after getting her aesthetic gum lift An aesthetic gum lift is a procedure that we offer to help you achieve that perfect smile. Sometimes the gums cover the teeth, making them look small or like "too much" gum tissue is showing. We use a procedure known as crown lengthening (gum lift) to fix this issue.

A crown lengthening (gum lift) is a procedure which sculpts the gumline to create longer, well-proportioned, and more symmetrical teeth. This may be indicated when your gums cover your upper teeth more than usual, your gumline is uneven, or perhaps your upper teeth appear shorter than most. If the gums cover more of the teeth than usual, this can cause a “gummy smile” where more gums are showing in proportion to the teeth.

The Procedure

Our first point of call during your dental examination would be to pinpoint the cause of your prominent gumline so we can find the best solution for you personally. In some cases, this will be the aesthetic gum lift.

This is a surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthetic. It involves reshaping or contouring the gums and bone around the teeth to achieve the desired appearance.

This procedure is quite popular among our patients. We have performed many aesthetic gum lifts, so you can be confident that you are in safe hands with our amazing team. There is no better place to commit to aesthetic gum lifts than with us. For more details about aesthetic gum lifts, call our team at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC, at (601) 255-9929 today!

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Aesthetic Gum Lift | Hattiesburg, MS
At Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC we offer aesthetic gum lifts for patients wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles and restore their confidence.
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