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Peri-Impantitis What to Know

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Peri-Impantitis What to KnowIf you have a dental implant, you need to be aware of peri-implantitis. This condition can occur in anyone who has had a dental implant placed and can cause much damage if left untreated. Read ahead to know more.

What Is Peri-implantitis?

It is a condition that affects the tissue surrounding dental implants. This condition can develop gradually or suddenly, and it is associated with several different symptoms, including swelling, pain, redness, and pus discharge around the implant site. In addition to these symptoms, peri-implantitis can lead to bone loss around the implant and even result in implant failure. The primary cause of this condition is plaque buildup around the implant site, caused by poor oral hygiene or the regular use of tobacco products.

Who Are the Risks of Getting Peri-implantitis?

Although anyone who has had a dental implant placed is at risk of developing the condition, specific individuals are more likely to develop this condition. People with diabetes or other chronic medical conditions are at an increased risk of developing peri-implantitis. In addition, people who do not practice proper oral hygiene or use tobacco products regularly are also more likely to develop this condition.

What Are Possible Treatments?

While this condition can be treated, it often requires aggressive treatment methods that can be costly and time-consuming. The most common treatment for this is a surgical procedure known as osseous recontouring. This procedure involves removing the infected tissue around the implant and smoothing out the bone to encourage healing. The implant may also need to be removed and replaced in some cases. Other treatment options for peri-implantitis include antibiotics, laser therapy, and immunotherapy. However, these procedures are often less effective than surgery and may only be used in cases where surgery is not an option. 

If you think you may have peri-implantitis, then it is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible. Our dentists can provide the treatment you need to restore your oral health.

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