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The Definition of Periodontal Pockets is Stated Below

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
The Definition of Periodontal Pockets is Stated BelowPeriodontal pockets are the openings that surround the teeth under the gum line. The pockets become filled with the infection-causing bacteria. The pockets are a common sign of periodontitis; however, periodontal pockets can be treated with proper oral hygiene or treatments from a profession. Periodontal pockets occur when one has gum issues causing tissue erosion, and the pockets form. They can hold and store bacteria which can after that affect the jawbone which supports the teeth.

How are the Periodontal Pockets Diagnosed

The dentist or the profession will initially measure the size of the space between the gums and the teeth with a periodontal probe. The probe measures the periodontal pockets in millimeters; the scope and depth of the periodontal pocket determine the treatment method to be used. Periodontal pockets which need treatments range from 6-13mm; if the pockets are over 6mm, they need more aggressive procedures.

If the pockets are small, from 1-3mm, a professional cleaning can treat them; scaling and root planning are done if the pockets are from 3-5mm; the process helps remove tartar, plaque and bacteria around the teeth. It also smoothens the tooth's surface so that gum tissue can have a surface to attach itself again. If the pockets are aggressive, pocket reduction surgery can be carried out. The process is performed by periodontitis. The surgeon incurs the gums, allowing a portion of gum tissue to be flapped backwards; if there is a bone loss, the remaining bone is smoothened.

The Recovery Process

The time it takes for the gum to heal is determined by the severity of the disease. It can take 3-to 4 weeks, while the deeper pockets can take several months to heal. Because the mouth is tender, the patient is expected to feel some pain, and he can take painkillers to avoid pain and antibiotics to avoid infection.

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