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Define a Periodontist

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Define a PeriodontistA periodontist is a dentistry expert who specializes in the preventive, detection, treatment, and management of periodontal conditions (also referred to as gum disease) and the insertion of dental implants. While some dental hygienists will manage minor periodontal issues and implant treatments, many will send their patients to periodontic specialists for more complicated instances.

Everything You Need to Know About Periodontists

Periodontists have considerable training in treating periodontal diseases, treating cancerous gums, jaw and gum surgeries and dental implants, and three years of extra education after dental school. They must also receive anesthesia administration training in residency and pass board certification examinations to be licensed and certified.

During the treatment of periodontal diseases, periodontists want to retain as much of the patient's bone, muscle and tissue as necessary, as long as both are in good condition. Periodontists use a range of procedures to treat damaged tissue and bone when it has reached the point of no return, causing receded gum lines, which results in long teeth, deterioration of the dental structure, and tooth loss. Periodontists perform deep dental cleanings. Plaque and tartar are removed from teeth and the gingival margin during regular dental cleaning.

Periodontists also perform oral surgeries such as flap surgeries to reduce the deepened sulcus pockets and bone surgery to regenerate bone loss. Bone and gum grafting to fortify existing gum tissue and bone structure in case of severe damage are also procedures performed by a periodontist.

Periodontists can help reverse gingivitis and help manage all types of periodontitis. They are also trained to offer cosmetic periodontal surgeries to recontour and even the jawbone for better smiles and symmetry. Periodontists are also tasked with managing the complications arising from periodontal treatment procedures. They educate and recommend good oral health habits to patients at risk of developing periodontitis.

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