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What to Expect from a Pinhole Surgery

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
What to Expect from a Pinhole SurgeryThere are several reasons why a patient experiences gum recession. Whether it's brushing teeth too hard, gum disease, suffering an injury, or the use of tobacco products, among many other factors. When gums recede, the tooth's root is exposed, which increases the risk of developing cavities and sensitivity. Fortunately, there are many treatment options for people with receding gums, including pinhole gum surgery.

Pinhole surgical technique is an effective treatment solution for patients suffering from the various effects associated with gum recession. Although it is referred to as pinhole gum surgery, it is not an invasive procedure. Pinhole surgery does not require stitches, and the dental professional makes a tiny incision in the patient's gums above the recessed area. Afterward, the gum tissue is moved further down and secures the exposed root.

Advantages of Pinhole Gum Surgery

Pinhole gum surgery is different from other surgical procedures and doesn't require scalpels and stitches. Regardless of the number of affected teeth, this surgery can address all of them within a single session. Most gum-related surgical procedures usually address one issue at a time, which requires more downtime. With this technique, patients can resume their daily activities after a short time, with a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Like any other surgical procedure, patients who undergo pinhole gum surgery experience minor effects, including minor bleeding, discomfort, and swelling, which can be controlled with prescription pain medication.

Candidates for Pinhole Surgery

Although pinhole gum surgery effectively treats gum recession, not everyone qualifies for the procedure. For a successful treatment, the dental professional conducts an in-depth assessment of the patient's medical; history to ensure no risks during and after the surgery. It also helps in determining whether it is the best option since gum recession presents itself differently.

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