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How Milk Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Pine Belt Periodontics
How Milk Can Help Prevent Gum DiseaseMilk is an essential part of your diet. According to research, foods rich in minerals like calcium can help reduce the chances of developing gum disease. Milk is one of the foods with high levels of calcium — it has over 56% of this vital nutrient. Calcium is an essential nutrient for oral health. This is because it helps strengthen the bones and prevent the possibility of osteoporosis.

Furthermore, this nutrient helps keep the gum line and jawbone in an excellent position. With that, it prevents the development of gum disease in every aspect. That is why we encourage you to drink milk regularly for better oral health.

Milk and Gum Infection Prevention

Gum disease is a severe infection caused by harmful bacteria. This bacterium accumulates on your gums and leads to the formation of pockets between teeth and gums. If you don't get rid of such bacteria, they will develop into more harmful conditions that trigger gum infections. However, if you drink sufficient milk, you equip your teeth with calcium. This essential mineral makes it easy for your teeth to prevent bacteria intrusion.

It also makes your gums stronger. It is important to note that milk contains casein proteins essential to keeping your teeth strong. These proteins form a protective layer around the gums, preventing the entry of harmful bacteria. They also keep your teeth firm and rigid, making it impossible to develop tooth decay. Therefore, it is a good idea to drink milk regularly.

Apart from drinking milk, there are also other ways you can prevent gum disease. For instance, you can maintain good oral hygiene. Do so by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. It would help if you also used mouthwash for the best results. Please schedule an appointment with us for more information on gum disease and the use of milk.

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