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What Is an All-On-Four Denture Treatment?

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Pine Belt Periodontics
What Is an All-On-Four Denture Treatment?The All On 4Denture treatment is a treatment option that where the dental surgeon places four implants on maxillary bone. Dental bridges use dental implants to replace all the missing teeth. The All On 4 denture replaces or fixes gum and loss of bones near the lost teeth. There is placement of implants in the jawbone and the dental bridge glued or screwed. From this, you get a new set of teeth strong and look like real teeth.

Complete Dentures

The complete dentures are fast and there are immediate and conventional dentures. The conventional dentures placement is after about 12 weeks. Soon after the removal of teeth, here is placement of immediate dentures. The immediate dentures may not be comfortable after time goes by since the tissues and gums may shrink after and during healing.

Clip-on Denture with Implants

The clip-on denture acts like a bridge and is similar to a permanent bridge. The clip-on denture is great for both upper and lower jaws. The clip-on denture treatment takes six months from the day you have placed the implants.

Permanent Bridges supported by Implants

The permanent bridge is from ceramic or resin and can be called a porcelain bridge. This kind of denture is durable and comfortable. The permanent bridge like the name suggests is permanent and does not require to be removed. The bridges are together using titanium screws and the number of posts is determined by the size of the bridge. Implants will help your teeth from deteriorating and that is why they are essential for teeth that are damaged, missing, or even crowded.

The All On 4 Denture treatment will help your teeth by placing the Implants to allow support of the teeth. If you need the All On 4 Denture Treatment do not hesitate to call us and you will get the help you need.

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