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Ways to Reduce Chances of Periodontal Disease

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Ways to Reduce Chances of Periodontal DiseaseThe main reason behind periodontal disease is dental plaque. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily – in the morning and before sleep, and flossing can lower your risk of developing periodontal disease. However, that doesn't mean scrubbing your teeth like you would with rusted silverware. Doing that would only increase the risk of your gums receding. Of course, there are some areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach even with a toothbrush or dental floss, which is why periodic checkups with the dentist are recommended. However, if you are wondering of ways in which you can minimize or stop the symptoms of periodontal disease, then you're in the right place.

Develop Better Brushing Habits

As mentioned before, brushing your teeth can keep periodontal disease at bay. But, you still need to follow the right teeth brushing habits. These are brushing and flossing regularly and not using too much force when brushing your teeth, which could cause the gums to bleed and result in gum recession. Also, avoid brushing your teeth after consuming foods or beverages that are acidic. This will give the saliva in your mouth time to neutralize the acid and restore crucial minerals to the enamel of your teeth.

Use Fluoride

Another way to reduce the chances of periodontal disease is to include fluoride in your oral care regimen. This is because fluoride is proven to strengthen the enamel, aka, the outer layer of your teeth. That's why it's advised to use toothpaste brands and other dental hygiene brands that include fluoride in their products.

Seek Treatment

However, there are instances when simply brushing your teeth and skipping that cola isn't going to be enough to reverse the damage done by periodontal disease. If you are experiencing painful and bleeding gums whenever your brush your teeth or chew food, then you are going to need something more. To find out about treatment options for periodontal disease contact Dr. Brian Pitfield and at Pine Belt Periodontics, PLLC to ask any questions you may have. Also, contact (601) 255-9929 to schedule your appointment.

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