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A Dental Crown Could Help Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Pine Belt Periodontics
A Dental Crown Could Help Improve Your Oral HealthAlso called a cap, a dental crown covers and protects a decayed or damaged tooth. It is often recommended for teeth with large fillings, as it offers more protection. It also is used to protect a root canal treated tooth. The following information gives you more details about how a crown can protect the teeth.

How a Crown is Applied and Why It Helps Preserve Teeth

A crown is applied with a dental cement. It can be matched to the natural teeth so people cannot tell that the crown is a prosthetic. It seals a tooth, so harmful bacteria and biofilm do not do further damage to a tooth's existing structure.

The Benefits of Wearing a Crown for Your Oral Health

When you wear a crown, you not only protect your tooth against further decay, you safeguard it from sensitivity. If your tooth is extensively damaged, any contact with hot or cold can be reduced, as the nerves in the tooth are shielded with a crown. In addition, a crown protects a tooth against more damage, which also leads to tooth pain. A large filling does not provide enough protection, as a large part of the filled tooth has decayed. When a crown is used with an implant, it prevents problems with bone atrophy and loss. By adding a crown to a severely decayed tooth, to an implant, or tooth that has received a root canal, you will preserve the tooth and support better dental functioning. You can also use a crown to improve the appearance of a chipped or cracked tooth and protect it. Whatever your specific reason for getting a crown, you will enhance your oral health and smile.

Would you like to know more how a crown may benefit you and prevent problems with periodontal disease? If so, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation and exam.

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