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How to Prepare for Periodontal Surgery

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Pine Belt Periodontics
How to Prepare for Periodontal SurgeryIf you have advanced gum disease, an oral surgeon can recommend periodontal surgery as the best method to resolve it. The surgery helps to enhance the function and looks of your gums and teeth that might be damaged due to advanced gum disease. If your dentist has recommended periodontal surgery, here are the best ways to prepare for the procedure:

Medical History Review

The first step when preparing for periodontal surgery is for your dentist to review your medical history. They need to understand if any risk factors can increase the failure of the surgery. Medical history focuses on eliminating any chances of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. If medical conditions are present, they must be managed before the surgery. For instance, your sugar levels and blood pressure must be addressed and controlled before surgery.

Examination of your Mouth

The next step is checking the health of your mouth. It involves studying the health of the mouth, teeth, and jaw. If you have any lesions, abscesses, or infections that can complicate the healing process, a medical expert needs to review and treat them first. The dentists will also request X-rays to check the health of your jawbones and gums. The tests help ensure you are a good candidate for the intensive procedure.

Educating you on the Risks and Benefits of The Surgery

The final step in preparing the periodontal surgery is educating you on the expected benefits and risks. An oral surgeon will also require you to consent that you understand what the surgery is all about and wish to proceed with the procedure.

Periodontal surgery is intensive and requires comprehensive preparation. An oral surgeon performs the procedure under anesthesia, but you must prepare adequately. Your dentist will help examine your oral health and check whether you are a good candidate for the surgery.

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