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3 Signs of Periodontal Disease

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Pine Belt Periodontics
3 Signs of Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the gums and teeth. The bacteria attack the tissues and cause inflammation and infection of the tissues. In severe cases, it may cause the receding of the gums and even the formation of pus. Some of the three signs of periodontal disease that you should watch out for primarily include:

Bad Breath

If you are experiencing foul breath, it might be due to gum disease. Accumulation of food debris in your mouth gives bacteria a good breeding ground. Over time the bacteria starts to digest sugars and produce a sulfur-like smell. It is also important to note that bad breath can also be due to problems with our stomach or the accumulation of dirt at the back of the tongue. A dental expert will establish the causes of foul odor and offer the best remedy.

Loose Teeth

Gum disease causes swelling of the gum tissues. Over time the bacteria can damage the gum tissues and underlying jawbone. Jawbone offers support to your teeth; if the bone is damaged, your teeth will not have adequate support. The teeth may also start to shift position leading to misalignment.

You can also note bleeding of gums when flossing, eating, or brushing your teeth. The bacteria infection can damage your gum tissues and make them more susceptible to bleeding. You can also experience pain when chewing food. Managing the infection before it spreads to other body parts is essential. A dental expert will recommend using antibiotics, root planing, and scaling as the first treatment options for gum diseases.


Gum disease can cause the recession of the gums. Receding gums leave exposed deep pockets where food debris and bacteria can accumulate. Infection in the deep pockets can lead to the formation of pus. If the pus is not drained on time, an abscess can form.

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