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Effects Of Pregnancy On Periodontal and Dental Health

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Pine Belt Periodontics
Effects Of Pregnancy On Periodontal and Dental HealthOral tissues are impacted by pregnancy. The changes of pregnancy are the most frequently marked in the tissues of the gingival. Although pregnancy cannot cause gingivitis, it can aggravate any existing illness. The changes identified are usually mostly in gingival vasculature. Some of the characteristics of gingivitis in pregnant patients are bleeding easily, smooth, dark red, and swollen.

The irritation and symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis usually fade off within a few months after delivering the baby. However, it is not yet clear how pregnancy is harmful to the teeth of the mother. During lactation and during the final weeks of pregnancy leads to temporal erosion and dental caries due to changes in the microorganisms of the salivary cariogenic.

Pregancy and Dental Cavities

Pregnant women are usually at high risk for cavities. You can blame it all on eating habits and changes in behaviors. It is likely that after delivery, if a woman suffers from a bacterial caused by a cavity, they could transmit it to their baby from mouth to mouth. Frequent snacking after delivery can also cause high chances of dental cavities. That is why pediatric, maternity care and primary care providers all work together towards paying more attention to the oral health of a potential mother.

Pregnancy and Periodontal diseases

It is when gingivitis is untreated that it leads to periodontal disease. A serious infection develops in the mouth of a pregnant mother, and problems with the teeth supporting start being noticed. If the infection goes unnoticed, it then proceeds to periodontitis and causes bacteremia. With this condition, immediate care is required before it is too late for things to be unrepairable. Pregnant women also lose their teeth due to high hormonal levels such as estrogen and progestogen rises. The loosening of bones and tissues that hold teeth in position happens temporarily during pregnancy which is one main cause of teeth loss.

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