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According to the American Cancer Society, there are over 30,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed every year. Because oral cancer begins with a stage in which symptoms are not readily present, dental screanings are of the utmost importance. Cancerl screenings are always  available at Pine Belt Periodontics, making the diagnosis and treatment of oral cancers in patients that much easier.

The importance of oral cancer screenings

Technology to make your treatment better:

Commonly occuring oral cancers

During the oral cancer screening, the dentist and hygienist examine your maxillofacial and oral regions carefully for any pathologic changes, including red patches, white patches, sores and lumps of any kind.

What is involved in the screening?

If a suspicious area is detected, a biopsy can be performed and sent to the pathologist for an evaluation. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment methods can vary, but they may involve excision, radiation therapy, and even chemotherapy.

Treatment for oral cancer