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What is gum disease?

What will it do to my teeth?

A periodontist specializes in treating the parts of your teeth, jaw, and gums that are out of your sight.


We can get down into those pockets that you can't reach with brushing or flossing, clean out the infection, and preserve your beautiful smile!

What is gum disease?

What will it do to my teeth?

Gum disease at its mildest is called gingivitis. Left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis. With periodontitis, the gums pull away from the teeth, creating 'pockets' below the gum line that can become seriously infected. If still untreated, the bone and tissue begin to break down, which can lead to loose teeth or even lost teeth.

Gum diseases that Dr. Pitfield treats:

• Gingivitis

• Adult periodontitis

• Juvenile periodontitis

• Periodontitis because of systemic disease

• Necrotizing periodontal disease

• We offer non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment

What can increase my risk of getting gum disease?


  • Neglecting to brush or floss your teeth

  • Lack of routine dental care

  • Smoking, chewing tobacoo, poor diet, and stress

  • Certain types of medicines (seizure and blood pressure medications)

  • Age

  • A family history of gum disease

  • Diseases that keep your body from fighting off infections

  • Pregnancy

  • Diabetes

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