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Unlike dentures that must be removed and cleaned, a dental implant is a permanent solution.  A bridge can replace a missing tooth, but the anchor teeth must be "cut down" so the bridge can connect to the anchor teeth.


Pine Belt Periodontics provides a full range of implant treatment.  We also treat ailiing implants and provide maintenance care to protect your investment in your smile.

If you've lost a tooth or need to have one removed, a dental implant is a great option for a permanent replacement.  A dental implant is a "post" that is anchored in the bone.  A tooth can be placed on the implant, and this tooth does not come in and out.


If you have a removable partial denture, implants can be used to provide permanent teeth and replace the removable partial denture.  Also, implants can be used to help stabilize a poorly fitting complete denture.

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Nobel Biocare and Zimmer Dental provide a complete line of implant products that are backed by intensive research, service, and education

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If indicated, a sinus lift or sinus graft can be performed to increase the available bone for dental implants in the maxillary posterior areas.  

Sinus augmentation options

Cone Beam CAT-scan (CBCT)

Pine Belt Periodontics uses the latest technology to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of dental implants.  A three dimensional x-ray can be taken that allows the jawbone to be viewed in 3-D.  This provides tremendous insight when planning dental implant treatment.